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    Friday, May 2, 2008

    Arianna Huffington is a big idiot

    What is with Arianna Huffington? AS I sit here waiting to catch a plane, she is on The Situation Room, with Wolf Blitzed, and she just decried Hillary Clinton's use of the 3am ad as a page out of the Karl Rove playbook and something he had done against John Kerrey. Doesn't she remember this was run in 1984 against Gary Hart by the Mondull campaign, in fact, an ad almost identical to the one Hillary ran.

    Why do we allow these leftists get away with outright lies. By the way, Wolf let he slide, too. As a matter of fact, he basically let her filibuster his show for 4 minutes.


    reddog said...

    We watch in horror as the Bush administration dismantles the fabric of our cultural, religious, economic, educational and military institutions and leads us into unilateral wars of aggression overseas, to the benefit of his friends in the Gulf states and Israel.

    Fear and scandal mongering, from the right or the left will no longer buy their votes. Unfortunately, money will, as long as it is still worth anything.

    Expect huge new waves of entitlement spending as the election nears. Have you received your stimulus check yet?

    Jay said...

    Reddog, I've visited your blog and I appreciate your thoughts. Why are you so filled with Bush hatred, and apparent anti-semitism?

    Also, why do you never cite anything?

    Seriously, if Bush is dismantling the fabric of our "cultural" institutions, what exactly are you talking about? Which cultural institution are you referring to? Can you identify just one?

    Now, I will help you. No Child Left Behind was crap legislation. I keep hearing the Dems bemoan the failure to fully fund it. I pray that it stays that way, to avoid further damage.

    I don't see him dismantling our military institutions as much as the current tempo is stressing it.

    The characterization that we are involved in "unilateral" wars of aggression is painfully incorrect and pure Bush-bashing. I know you believe this passionately, and I appreciate passion, but, passion that overrides all logical thought is simply derangement.

    Clearly, we went into Afghanistan to remove the Taliban, and their support for al Qaeda ad to chase al Qaeda from Afghanistan. Mostly succesful so far, but, this is a long war, that's about all I can say. They're a tough and capable enemy, fighting an assymetric war.

    No one in the administration has ever claimed that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. Fighting a War on Terror, without going into Iraq was not going to be a realistic War on Terror. Hindsight is always 20/20 and in hindsight, we may have done things differently. I bristle, though, at those that think it was about his friends (the Saudis) or Israel, or oil (thanks for not blaming Texas oilmen here). Was the decision made easier because of the (silent) backing of the Saudi's and the proximity of Israel? Probably. But, in the larger context, we can't lay the blame for Iraq at these feet. There's plenty to go around.

    I view my stimulus check (yes, I have received it) as a return of some of MY money I so graciously allow the government to use, not some vote buying technique. Since it is MY money, I WILL be spending it on ME (actually, a much deserved vacation for my wife and I). We'll be helping provide work for hotel workers, restaurant workers, hula dancers, airlines, and maybe some tour operators.

    It's probably too late for much entitlement spending to have an impact on this election by now. I expect, though, that we will discover that there are some Americans that will never vote for a black man, and I expect the surprise is going to be that most of them are Democrats.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Jay, you sound like a typical Republican fuckwad. The only talking point you left out when bashing reddog was to call him unpatriotic. Is there a republican book of sayings that they distribute or something? Btw, not liking Israel does not have to equal anti-semitism just as me not liking you does not have to equal hatred of all humanity.

    Anonymous said...

    hey anon i totaly agree lol republiacns alwyas say the same things i mean so do we lol but our god obama sends our tlaking ponts to liberal news souces so we are aloud lol republicans just mad cuz we have a black pres and they all rascist