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    Thursday, May 1, 2008

    Quick Idol Post

    Last night gave us our final four, and I was wrong about Syesha and Brooke. Of course, dialidol.com was right about Brooke. She didn't falter like Kelly Pickler did and just become unbearable, but, he cuteness wore off, and Syesha had really been putting in solid, if not greatly memorable, performances. So, of the girls, and the right to finish 4th, Syesha probably deserved to stay. Can she push our Jason Castro and get into the top 3? I don't know. He must have a heck of a fan base, because he has been pulling the Pickler the last few weeks. Each performance is more tortured than the last.

    So, Syesha has earned her way into the final four, David and David were foregone conclusions, and Jason, well, he's the popular one this year. I expect we'll see an Archuleta vs. Cook showdown, but at that point, it really won't matter, as I predict they'll both have very, very popular 1st albums.

    I agree with the judges, Syesha is headed to Broadway and probably a pretty good career there, or even acting. Jason? I don't know, he might be back washing dishes in a month.

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