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    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    Questions for Liberals:

    Ok, now that we are receiving our big fat checks from the Feds, I have a couple of questions for Liberals (ok, a lot more than two, but I was on a roll).

    How come, when economic Conservatives want to reduce taxes, you claim that lowering taxes will result in all hell breaking loose, usually in the form of lost revenue to the government, but, when it became necessary to do something to pick the economy back up, you guys are falling all over yourselves to push this "Economic Stimulus Package." (As an aside: To his credit, if you're a Liberal, Obama mainly was using it as an excuse to spend more taxpayer dollars on programs that wouldn't bear fruit for 5-50 years.) For info, I personally view this as a return of some of MY tax dollars, so I will be spending it on ME.

    The corollary to this is after 60 years of experience with cuts in the marginal tax rates (starting with JFK), we have always seen increases in government revenues. So, tax cuts lead to increased revenues to the government. You would think those interested in increasing the size and scope of government (read: Liberals) would like tax cuts, because it means more money for them to spend. The question: Why don't Liberals like tax cuts?

    Why do Liberals complain that the "Religious" right is out to control everything you do and legislate morality? How come those of us who are more on the "Economic" Right (and semi-religious) never get any credit for telling you what to do? I demand to be included in that group. I like telling people what to do. No tax cut for me? Ok, then, no soup (or Federally-funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research) for YOU!

    How come you guys on the "Secular" Left never get called out for legislating immorality? Anyway, aren't pretty much all of our laws derived from basic mores? Without that, what do have?

    Finally, Liberals seem determined to give Radical Islam a victory in Iraq, and perhaps in the larger War on Terror. Why do those who profess such love for Women's (Womyn's?) rights and secularism not feel threatened by this particular ideology? Do you not realize those are the first two things to go when the Global Caliphate is formed? Or, maybe you know you'll outlive the Christians and Jews, who will be the first slaughtered, and by then, you will have come up with that clever argument that will persuade the Ayatollah's why they should change their ways. Is that what you're thinking? If not, then what are you thinking?

    Just wondering....


    reddog said...

    I agree with you mostly and I'm a liberal. I sold a bunch of stock last Summer and got raped on taxes this year. I don't get anything back from my taxes and never have.

    I like public education but it shouldn't be mandatory nor should the system be required to tolerate any disruptive, much less violent behavior by the inmates. The other major area of government involvement, physical infrastructure, has been ignored since Eisenhower.

    Most entitlement programs are left over from the sixties, when the old white men running this country became so afraid of Africans that they bribed them with the Great Society, believing, correctly, that they would not revolt against a government that filled their rice bowls every month.

    By simply printing money and giving some to everyone, the government further exacerbates the hyper inflationary policies of the Fed. Widows, orphans and the elderly will be penniless and those who borrowed profligately and the speculators that enabled it will be redeemed. That is a crime.

    I don't mind living by the law of the land if it is truly the will of the people and contributes to the prosperity and good order of society. People with that nasty church lady mentality, who want rules that "punish" the sinner made into civil law make me sick. That was never the intention of the founding fathers. I'll see them in Hell. I'll be damned if I do before that.

    The reason we have such a strong military is so that America doesn't need to go to war. George Bush's abuse of the war powers given to him by Congress is treasonous. He and his whole crowd are gutless scum and should be tarred, feathered and ridden out of Washington on rails. Nothing done in the name of 9/11 has increased our national security or punished the perpetrators.

    Jay said...

    Red, I think you need to redefine yourself, you sure don't sound like an American Liberal to me. Hating the Bush's doesn't make you a Liberal, maybe it makes you obsessed with his removal, but, though that's a trait shared with Liberals, it does not a Liberal make.

    I find your argument in paragraph 3 about the Great Society interesting, though I don't fully agree with it myself, but, regardless of the original motives, the current reality is the same.

    Can you give some specific examples of laws the Church Lady wants to pass to "punish" the sinner? Kind of hard to respond to such an open-ended point. Are we talking the death penalty? Proposed penalties for abortions? Drug penalties? Give me something I can work with, or a link to one of your previous posts, I'm curious what specifically you have in mind here.

    Here's the problem with your last paragraph for me. I agree that a strong military should serve as a deterrent to war. But, it does little to deter an enemy such as Bin Laden or other terror organizations. The Israeli's with the the strongest military in the Middle East, are testimony to that. , the Brits, during the IRA days, and us today speak to the challenge of terrorists and their tactics for a military.

    So, it's a bit of a non sequitur for me.

    Regardless of your feelings toward Bush, to make a blanket statement that nothing done since 9/11 has increased our national security or punished the perpetrators is absurd. First, there has not been another attack on American soil now in almost 7 years. Second, we removed the Taliban, who provided safe haven and support to the perps, we have removed a massive amount of al Qaeda's leadership structure, as well as some ancillary terror orgs, and we tried the "20th hijacker" even. In Africa, we are making gains in winning hearts and minds by pouring resources into the Continent. Something our Chinese friends are also doing (pouring money, not trying to make friends).

    The problem with Bush bashers is you guys can't see past the seething rage to acknowledge that anything has been accomplished by this administration. There's nothing I can say to you, so consider this part of the post for the other readers. You can just read the parts I semi-agree with you on.

    blunoz said...

    Jay, I'm happy to answer your questions. Would you drop me an email at blunozblog at hotmail dot com so I can reply to your comment? Thanks, Kevin / Blunoz