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    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    Idol: The First Three

    Last night on American Idol, the first three of 12 finalists were chosen by America voting.

    In no real surprise, Danny Gokey, Michael Sarver, and Alexis Grace (who, amazingly does not yet have any fan sites on Facebook) were chosen. They all sang well and deserved it. Dialidol.com correctly predicted the top three, and they were my choice as well.

    The only real question was going to be whether Anoop Desai could edge out Sarver. Unfortunately (for him), the answer was no.

    I thought the decision to place Sarver/Desai together so early in the show after announcing Alexis as one of the final three was pretty poor planning on the Idol producers part. Everyone who watched the show knew that Gokey was going to make the final three. His lead on dialidol.com was so massive and his status as early favorite so ingrained, the rest of the contestants had to know they were doomed. However, the AI producers clearly wanted to give him the pimp closing-the-show spot. Although I find Tatiana Del Toro quite annoying, even she knew when she was paired with Gokey at the end that it was over for her. Not even votefortheworst.com could save her (let's see how much enthusiasm they can gen up for Normun Gentul next week!).

    If I have the rules correct, the judges will get to choose up to 10 contestants to compete in week 4 in a "wild card" round. I believe the judges will choose the top 3 from that round to go with the 9 chosen by us.

    So, with that in mind, my predictions for people from this round who will make it into the Wild Card round:
    1. Anoop Desai - 95% chance
    2. Ricky Braddy - 75% chance
    3. Tatiana Del Toro - 50% chance
    4. Anne Marie Broshkevitch - 30% chance
    All the rest, I put at 0%, as they all sucked. I'm sorry, Jackie Tohn, if you gave yourself a "91" for Tuesday's performance, it just shows how "Tohn Deaf" you are. Simon is right, you are a "clown."

    What do YOU think? Did America get it right? Who should the judges reconsider from this group?


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