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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Idol Results, 2nd 3

    Updated at 10pm:

    As I semi-predicted, Kris Allen managed to make it to the final 12. He's this season's 13-year old's heartthrob, replacing David Archuleta. Of course, Allison and Adam Lambert made it as well.

    The producers left us with Adam and Nick to duke it out in the end. But, while we had to get Adam, we are no longer left with Nick, so, there is some justice. Then, we had to listen to Adam screech Satisfaction.

    Since the judges may take a few people from this group in there sing-off on two weeks, here's who I think they may take:

    1. Megan Corkrey - near 100% probability
    2. Matt Giraud - about 90% probability
    3. Jesse Langseth - 75% chance
    4. Mishavonna Barton - 30% chance
    No one else rates.



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