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    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Jay's Reply to Rob - plenty of corrupt D's to go around:UPDATE

    In an updated question - since it is very likely that had Gregg not passed on the Commerce Sec'y job, he would be confirmed by now, what do we think the chances are that the current story about his real estate dealings (all, apparently, legal and aboveboard) would have come out with him as a member of the Appointed One's Cabinet?

    That's right. Zero.

    Original Post below:

    Since "Rob's Blog" can't accept comments right now, here is my reply to his post on Judd Gregg being a crook:

    • Tim Geithner - Tax Cheat
    • Bill Richardson - Tax Cheat
    • Tom Daschle - Tax Cheat
    • Nancy Killefer - Just what is a "Chief Performance Officer" anyway?
    • Blago - Creep, liar, shakedown artist
    • Roland Burris - Liar
    • Frank Murtha - traitor and pork merchant
    • Charlie Rangel - tax cheat
    • Harry Reid - real estate cheat (must run in the Senate?)
    • Al Sharpton - convicted liar and race baiter (not that there's anything wrong with that)
    • Jesse Jackson - shakedown artist
    • William Jefferson - thief
    • William Jefferson Clinton - cretin and serial pardoner
    • Dan Rostenkowski - thief
    • Ted Kennedy - murderer (at the least manslaughterer)
    • Robert Byrd - Klansman
    And those are just the one's I can list from memory in about 15 seconds. How about with some research:
    • Kwame Kilpatrick - Detroit Mayor
    • Barney Frank (ok, it was his "boyfriend"running the prostitution ring out of Barney's place)
    • Sheila Dixon - Baltimore mayor
    • Bill Campbell - Atlanta mayor
    • Marion Barry - DC Mayor (what is it with Dem mayors of large, majority-black, cities?)
    • James Traficant - The hair couldn't keep him out of jail
    • Edward Meszvinsky
    • Hillary Clinton (cattle futurist, Whitewater scammer, Travel Office firer)
    • Don Siegelman - bribery
    • Guy Tucker - Gov. of Arkansas; fraud
    • Kent Conrad - Shady real estate sweetheart deal
    • Chris Dodd - Senator from Countrywide
    • Al Gore - Buddhist temple shakedown artist; Global Warming Alarmist; d-bag
    • Eric Holder - Assisted Clinton's in pardoning Marc Rich and FALN terrorists
    • Tim Mahoney - Florida rep. paying off his girlfriend
    • Sandy Berger - traitor
    • Robert Torricelli - thief
    • James McGreevey - creepy NJ governor
    • Mel Reynolds - Child molester
    • Alcee Hastings - impeached federal judge, found his home as a Congressman!
    • Hazel O'Leary, Henry Cisneros - Clinton appointees who were corrupt
    and finally, Tony Rezko's good pal and another "smart" real estate investor:
    • Barack Obama
    Anyway, this is not to say Republicans are squeaky clean. They are not. But to act like only Republicans are corrupt is the height of hypocrisy. Get over yourself Rob, you're not half as smart as you want to be.


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