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    Saturday, September 26, 2009

    Georgia Tech 24, UNC 7

    Time for a little college football ranting.

    Georgia Tech redeemed themselves today and beat Carolina handily, 24-7.  To all those who kept saying how Carolina was so awesome because they stopped Tech's triple option last season, I should remind you - it's a new season, you have to execute, and the triple option is a tough offense to execute against all the time (and you must, because it is designed for every play to be a big one).

    This, coupled with Miami's thrashing at the hands of Virginia Tech, sets up a big showdown between the ACC's premier engineering schools (ok, the one premier engineering school, and that ag school in Blacksburg) in a few weeks (assuming GT can get past FSU) to force a potential three way tie in the Coastal division of the ACC (again). 

    Yes, the ACC is down, down, down in the college football landscape these days.  With the exception of FSU's win over BYU and VT's over Nebraska, and NC State's apparent over Pitt today, the conference has had little success against other conferences, even flailing about against mid-majors.  But, when you look at three of the best teams in the conference - GT, UNC, and Miami - these teams, with relatively new coaches, are extremely young and will continue to improve.  I had hoped FSU was on the rebound, with the late game loss to Miami only marring its season, but today's fumblefest against USF did them in.  Time for Bobby Bowden to hang them up and Mark Richt to return home (that was for you UGA fans out there).

    Outside the ACC, let me just say how happy I am that Michigan beat ND.  Haha.  See ya later Charlie Weis!  Oh, and USC losing to Washington.  And Oklahoma to BYU.  Oh, and especially UGA to OK State.  How can South Carolina give up 3 points to NC State and 31 to UGA?  Come on Spurrier!  I count on you beating those pups regularly. 

    Anyway, this was really just an excuse to rub in the score of the Tech/Carolina game to my family (UNC grads all - get your own blog for basketball season).


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