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    Sunday, September 13, 2009

    New Word for the Liberal Dictionary: Racist

    I have decided to start a Liberal Dictionary.

    Since Liberals operate in a different world from the rest of us, it may be instructive for the rest of the thinking world to understand them, so, I am going to catalog for posterity what they mean when they use certain words.  I realize it's a small dictionary, but, every journey starts with one step (and I'm starting with two).

    1. Torture: Anything that provides useful information from an enemy
    2. Racist: Anyone who disagrees with President Obama
    Feel free to suggest other words (and even definitions) that have distinctly different definitions when used by a liberal.  I reserve the right, since it's my dictionary, to modify, reject, or use them as suggested.

    Update: I was inspired by this post from Aloha Dump.


    1 comment:

    blunoz said...

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that a "hate crime" is only when a caucasian person commits a crime against a "diverse" person.

    For that matter, I would add "diverse" to the dictionary. Under current use of the term, a room full of all Catholic, Eskimo-ethnicity men all aged 30 and all graduates of the same university and who happen to have dark skin would be considered "diverse" because they are non-caucasian.