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    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    No one knows if BMD decision means more ships. Sad.

    I have previously posted on the Obama admin's decision not to place ground-based interceptors in Poland, here, and here and here

    Bottom line: Technically good decision, politically, not so much.

    Like Information Dissemination, and a couple of Senators (Reed, D-RI and McCain, RINO-AZ) I wondered whether this decision meant more BMD shooters for the Navy.

    Well, the Vice Chairman of the JCS doesn't know (read ID's post for details).

    Which leads me to this conclusion on this decision - not only did the O admin handle this in an amateurish way from an international politics perspective (read my previous posts), but now we know they really don't have a plan to actually make this dream happen by building more BMD ships and manning them.


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