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    Sunday, September 18, 2016

    Donald J Trump's Statement on The President's Birth (as proposed by me)

    President Barack Obama was born in the United States and is an American.  Period.

    As we learned this week, the rumors of President Obama’s birth in Kenya were begun in 2008 by key Hillary Clinton Senior Advisor, Sid Blumenthal and shopped to various news organizations in 2008.  As a high-level Clinton lieutenant and long-time friend of Hillary, Blumenthal was considered such a credible source that the McClatchy News Service sent a reporter to Kenya to look into the allegations.

    However, the press, as Democratic party lapdogs and dishonest arbiters of their own “truth” failed to fully investigate and put this issue to rest, so it was left to fester for 3 more years.

    In 2011, as I became much more concerned about the direction of our country, which was then, and continues to be the wrong direction, I decided to take this issue head-on.  The lack of transparency from the current administration - regarding the Fast and Furious scandal at the time, and as we saw with the IRS scandal later, and the Benghazi coverup in 2012, bothered me greatly.

    My fear was something was being hidden from the American people.

    The Constitution only has 2 requirements for a President - to be 35 years old and a “natural-born” citizen, I felt it was important that we get complete disclosure on this issue, so I pushed to have the original documents that confirmed the President’s birth released.  This is something a media seeking the truth could have easily accomplished in 2008, but it took a citizen with some means and a platform to make it happen.  That says more about the media than it does Donald J Trump.

    This issue is behind us, and it should remain so.  It is, as those on the Left are so want to say, “settled science” at this point.

    That Hillary Clinton and her campaign would start such a rumor, based on no actual facts, is a sad testimony to the kind of “say anything” campaigns Hillary Clinton runs. It is the way she will govern, if elected, because that is how Clinton’s always govern.

    That the media would do nothing to fully close these rumors indicates how in the tank they are for Democrat candidates and can not be trusted to provide you the truth.  Fortunately, today, you have choices other than the mainstream media outlets who seek to only provide one side of the story.

    This will be the last time I speak of this.

    Thank you,
    Donald J Trump

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