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    Thursday, September 15, 2016

    What a Difference a Month Makes - Trump (reluctantly)

    My last post here was all about why I opposed Trump and how I thought he wouldn't be much worse than Hillary.

    I still think that's a possibility, but, a month closer to the election, I have decided to side with the Ace's of the world,vice the Jonah Goldberg's (look it up yourself).

    After a month that included the wretched DNC, the loss of Debbie Wasserman-Schultzas DNC Chair (sad), more Hillary email and DNC revelations, the elevation of Kellyanne Conway to Trump campaign manager, Hillary's failing health, and Trump behaving like...well, an actual presidential candidate, I have decided that I can't stand by and accept a Hillary win by going third party.

    Plus, Gary Johnson made it clear he was not after disaffected conservatives, he was getting to 15% on the backs of Bernie supporters, and Evan McMullin's campaign is a vanity butt-hurt affair run by #nevertrumpers.

    Finally, the a-holes who are Liberals, decided they were winning so big they could start telling the truth.  Hillary went out and made her "deplorables" comment and promptly got served a cup of karma that her sycophantic media toe lickers couldn't cover up because of citizen journalists. NFL football players decided to give the flag a big "FU" and the ACC and NCAA decided men and women should use the same toilet and check out each other's privates.  I can't wait for dudes who identify as women to start using Title IX to kill women's college athletics.  Karma.

    More than anything else, it is the attitude of the Left that has brought me into the Trump camp.  Hillary Clinton is an historically corrupt individual who doesn't deserve to be near the levers of power.  People bash Trump for his multiple positions (and yes, he has them), and the unknown factor of Trump, but, guess what folks, we absolutely know what Hillary will do, and it will be horrible.  She will run the Clinton administration as her personal power center, and it will be 4 years of enriching Clintons.

    There's still a chance Trump will manage to shoot off his big fat, stupid mouth, and turn this thing back to Hillary, but for now, less than 60 days out, the wind is at his back.  

    Donald J Trump is no Ronald Reagan, but this election is starting to have a feel much like 1980 in the sense of momentum.  Republican senate candidates are polling very strongly and they are usually trailing indicators.  I don't believe that Trump trails these candidates by as much as the polls indicate.  I think that there are actually people who won't say they are voting for him in polls, and I know that Hillary Clinton may get the same percentage of black and latino voters as Obama, but she won't get the same raw number, and Trump is going to increase his white percentage and white turnout.

    I still consider Trump a huge risk, but, of the  candidates who can win, he is by far the most conservative option, and in keeping with the Buckley rule, I am compelled to support him.

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