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    Thursday, September 22, 2016

    VDH Lays Out the Trump Case, or Why #nevertrump needs to give it up

    You should read Victor Davis Hanson’s latest piece on why the GOP should support Trump, but I’ll help with some tidbits.

    Hanson riffs on how the media treats all GOP candidates:

    “When the media got through with a good man like McCain, he was left an adulterous, confused septuagenarian, unsure of how many mansions he owned, and a likely closeted bigot. Another gentleman like Romney was reduced to a comic-book Ri¢hie Ri¢h, who owned an elevator, never talked to his garbage man, hazed innocents in prep school, and tortured his dog on the roof of his car.”

    He similarly laments how the media (and this includes our side as well) now sees the way Trump is succeeding as a bad thing, when before…

    “Trump’s ball-and-chain flail, such as it can be fathomed, is in large part overdue.  In the old days, any candidates who met with the press, held news conferences, were easily cross-examined, gave out their blood tests and EKG results (did Obama or Hillary?), had small staffs and few TV ads, raised little outside money, spoke extemporaneously, and were not prepped by legions of handlers were considered ‘different’ in the sense that they were welcomed mavericks to an otherwise scripted campaign season.”

    Does Trumo say stupid stuff?  Yes, but, so does his opponent, and HER stupid stuff brought me right back to Trump:

    “Replying in kind to a Gold Star Muslim family or attacking a Mexican-American judge who is a member of a La Raza legal group is, of course, stupid and crass, but perhaps not as stupid as Hillary, before a Manhattan crowd of millionaires, writing off a quarter of America as deplorable, not American, and reprobate racists and bigots.”

    It’s a long essay, and if you’re TrumpCurious, or a #nevertrumper who’s willing to self-reflect, do read the entire essay.

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