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    Wednesday, March 26, 2008

    American Idol Top 10: My Predictions

    You can read the quick recap from tonight's guest blogger below. Now, my predictions and opinions, before I check dialidol.com:

    Best of the night:
    • David Cook by a runaway mile. We all thought Daughtry was good, and his commercial success proves that. But, this guy is taking rotten rock songs (like Billie Jean tonight) and making them marketable in 2008. He's the best, but can he beat the 12-15 year old girls fave? (Update: Rodney Ho over at ajc.com informs that this is a version by Audioslave.)
    Other good performances:
    1. David Archuleta - The judges like to say silly stuff like "make it your own" or "own the song" and David A does that each time out. You can tell he chooses these songs for their meaning to him. Tonight, no different.
    2. Brooke White - despite her stumble, she's still the best of the girls. Her voice is unique, and, like David C., she brings something special to each performance, though she's not at his level. With a good producer, though....
    3. Michael Johns - Michael was in danger of being lost in the shuffle, but tonight, he made himself relevant again.
    4. Kristy Lee Cook - Ok, Kristy's voters are looking for her to give them a reason to vote for her, besides her looks. Tonight, she did that. Somehow, it would be un-American to oust someone who actually performend "God Bless the USA" so well.

    In serious danger (or, my bottom 3):
    1. Carly Smithson - with the continued wierdness, the tattoos, and the robotic delivery, she's in real trouble. I think last week we saw where her peak is. She's a number 8 contestant, at best.
    2. Ramiele Malubay - Very quickly, everyone's fave Filipino is singing herself into oblivion.
    3. Chikezie - We love him here, but....he runs the risk of getting lost, and I don't know how strong his base is.
    The Rest:
    1. Syesha Mercado - I don't think we're going to lose Syesha, but, she's becoming irrelevant. Like Carly, a robot.
    2. Jason Castro - decent enough tonight. His base can carry him to a top 4 finish, but, he's not top 4 material.

    Leaving us: Carly.

    Dialidol as of 12:43 ET puts Carly in the top 4 (safely). They have Chikezie and Jason last. Tomorrow, we shall see.

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