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    Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Cancer Lady: Insured and Cremated. Does the media or Obama vet what he says?

    Yesterday, I posted about a St. Louis woman and Obama campaign worker, who recently died of breast cancer and was called out by President Obama because one of her last wishes was to be buried in her Obama t-shirt.

    Turns out, the woman referred to in this post (and elsewhere on the Internets), Melanie Shouse, was a St. Louis business owner who, contrary to what Obama told us,( "She didn't have insurance"), actually had health insurance - a catastrophic policy with a $5000 deductible. Turns out she wasn't buried in her Obama t-shirt, but maybe she was cremated in it. JustOneMinute has more details and takes the MSM to task of their failure to provide ANY meaningful fact checking on this story.

    Look, I understand that Ms. Shouse had a new business and, like many business owners, had maxed out all her available credit, but...why did she pay for a health insurance policy at all if she wasn't in some way prepared to do whatever it would take to cover the $5000 deductible? I mean, if she considered this her "hit by a bus" policy, even that would likely eat up $5000. I know people roll the dice on health insurance, but, when you're a middle-aged woman and you find a lump in your breast, get it checked out. Please.

    And, if Democrats hadn't been blocking GOP efforts to extend Health Savings Accounts, perhaps Ms. Shouse could have contributed to an HSA for a couple of years, and had the money to pay her mammogram costs, or to cover any of her deductibles for just such a catastrophe.

    So, I blame Democrats for this woman's death.

    I blame Obama for lying about it.

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