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    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    Ripley riffs on Glenn Beck. Leftists prepare the assault on Ripley's Porch.

    One of my faves in the sublogosphere is Letters from Ripley.

    An Alabamian who has spent many years in Europe, he brings a great perspective.

    Read his post today, Observations of TV.  He's really onto something here.  READ IT!

    After you read his post, here are my thoughts (posted over there in the comments, too):
    Ripley has gotten to the root of why the Left hates Glenn Beck so much. It's not Beck's over-the-top (but, oh-so accurate) characterizations of the Left and their Maximum Leader, it's the thought that people listening/watching him might feel challenged to actually consider and research the thoughts of the men who founded this nation.
    THAT scares the Left more than anything - not that you or I would get our validation from Beck or Limbaugh, but that we should get it from Madison, Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, et.al.

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