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    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    DVR Blogging Idol: 12 Girls Perform

    Ok, this post will be a little delayed since I am starting the DVR blogging at 9:15ish.  With almost an hour of commercials, this is the way to watch.

    I have no preconceived notions on the girls tonight, since Idol has done such a lousy job introducing them to us (contrary to what Kara says).  Pretty much same for the guys.

    Katie draws the coveted anchor slot.  She's one of the odds-on favorites.

    1. Paige Miles - It's Alright Now - Drawing the crap first slot.  Honestly, I think the song stinks, and she seems very nervous and off key to me.  And screaming. That's just me. Simon thinks she has the best voice.  Hated the song.  Kara thought the song was brilliant.  Randy didn't like the song.  Great job.  Ellen - adds little to this.  4 judges is one too many. Now 10 minutes of commercials.  
    2. Ashley Rodriguez - Happy - The microphone is bugging me.  Doesn't sound like she's in sync with the music to me.  Forgettable song, forgettable performance.  Dreaded number 2 spot.  Kara - nice moments with a big song, and some not great moments.  Randy - it was Leona Lewis, not Ashley.  Ellen - same comments as Randy and Kara.  Simon - clumsy, thinks she's going backwards.  In trouble tonight.
    3. Janell Wheeler - What About Love - After another 5 minutes of commercials.  When you have 24 minutes of songs, 24 minutes of comments, you got to fill the time somewhere in a two hour show.  The judges want to be rid of her I think.  She's off key (maybe I am tone deaf).  I think the song is too big for her, and she seems disconnected from the music.  Get ready for a reaming.  Randy - not good song choice, but he likes her voice.  Ellen likes it.  Ellen even caught the off-key notes.  Ellen is the new Paula, for sure, without the drugs.  Simon liked her voice at times.  Kara likes her and agrees the song was way too big.
    4. Lily Scott - Fixin' a Hole - She's weird and this is a weird choice.  Let's be honest, she can't win this competition, she's going for the top 10 and to get some recognition, because she is not the kind of commercial artist that Idol produces.  Will she make it there?  Ellen likes her song choice, and her distinctive voice.  I agree with that.  Simon likes her best so far and isn't feeling the "star power."  Kara - "believable."  Thinks she'll be remembered.  Randy - she's an Indie artist.  "Great."
    5. Katelyn Epperly - Oh Darlin' - Another Beatles song.  I think her voice is the best so far.  Potential winner.  Simon - likes her. "Quirky, interesting."  Kara - she knows what she's doing, and she liked the way she improved the song.  Doesn't like the makeover.  I agree - looks like a lounge lizard.  Randy like it.  But, he's a pervert.  But, he liked it and her vibe.  Ellen found it interesting.
    6. Haeley Vaughn - I Wanna Hold Your Hand - Ok, I really find her upper lip horribly annoying. I hope the nose piercing ruins her voice. She's screaming, the arrangement is awful.  It's definitely not an improvement over the original.  Let's see what the judges have to say.  Kara - technically there were issues, and you have fun. (Hey, Sanjaya also had fun).  Randy - unpredictable.  There's something wrong at the high notes.  Ellen - you have so much presence on stage.  Simon - being honest, verging on terrible (as usual, Simon and I agree).  A complete and utter mess.
    7. Lacey Brown - Landslide - Last year, Lacey lost out to Meghan Corkrey (awful!).  So, does she suck as much as Meghan?  Yes, but in a different way (hopefully we won't have to see the odd dancing).  I thought it was simply horrid.  Let's see what the judges say...Randy - terrible.  Ellen - "if you're back again next week."  Simon - "depressing, indulgent, boring."  Kara - felt forced.  
    8. Michelle Delamor - Fallen - Dangerous choice.  I thought the first half was good, but fell off after that.  I find myself asking, "who is she?"  Ellen - fantastic, but seemed easy, safe.  Simon - not as good as the original. No "wow." Kara - moments it wasn't great.  Believability lacking.  Randy - tough song, pretty good job.  Take some risks.
    9. Didi Benami - The Way I Am - Who?  What?  Huh?  Running out of time, are we? Simon - dreary, indulgent.  No spark.  Kara - Song good.  Thanks for the changes to the song.  Simon - no one will remember it.  Randy - no star factor.  Ellen - not the song for a first impression.
    10. Siobhan Magnus - Wicked Game - Another "who"? And another nose ringer. Singing one of the all time great songs in 90 seconds. A song that tells a story and really can't be distilled to 90 seconds.  I kind of like her, and think she could do something.  I'd like her to do the 4 minute version.  Kara - quirky girl, a little nasal.  Likes the connection she makes.  Randy - tough song.  Liked the second verse. Ellen - forgot for a minute this was a singing competition.  Simon - not nearly as good as her Hollywood week song.  
    11. Crystal Bowersox -Hand in my Pocket - Have I ever said how much I hate Alanis Morrisette?  I think she and Taylor Hicks may be the only Idols ever to play the harmonica on stage.  The judges will love her "authenticity."  Randy - one of my faves. He uses "honesty" vice authenticity.  'k?  Ellen - big fan.  Glad she's here, adds something fresh.  Simon - good, we like you, your story.  Truth is there are thousands of you doing this outside subway stations.  Kara - thinks you have greatness in you.  Don't be just a coffee house performer.
    12. Katie Stevens - Feelin' Good - With the coveted final slot is Katie.  There's a reason she's going last tonight.  Potential winner.  Ellen - didn't like the conservative nature of the song.  Be current.  Old.  Simon - agrees with Ellen (Simon hates the old stuff).  Pageanty  Kara - at the end of the day, you have a natural gift.  Randy - you got a big voice with a great talent.
     Ok, before I leave this post, let's check out dialidol.com.  They have Katie Stevens way ahead.  However, I wonder if this year dialidol may not be that great at predictions.  The number of actual calls seems way down, and the busy percentages are way down as well.  Certainly that hurts the model.  They have Katelyn and Siobhan in last.  Hmmmmm.

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