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    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    DVR Blogging Idol: Baker's Dozen

    Tonight the competition really begins as the final 13 Idol contestants perform: Pray my battery lasts.

    Some random thoughts:

    • Do you ever wonder if Randy has a limited wardrobe?
    • Who will get the pimp spots, and who is screwed by going in the first group?
    • 2 hours.  26 minutes of singing, 30 minutes of commercials, and an hour of nothing.
    • Need to get through this quickly so we can see if Russell fails on his Redemption Island effort.
    • The washer squeaks so much I can't hear anything.
    1. Lauren Alaina - Ouch, spot 1.  I think she's popular, so this may not hurt her.  Some Shania Twain song. Seems pretty uninspired to me.  Steven has it right, not "kick-ass" enough.  Randy and J-Lo echo.
    2. Casey Abrams - Joe Cocker's "I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends" - If I hadn't heard Joe Cocker do this, I would like it more.  I think it's a good performance, solidly on key and suits his voice and vibe.  I'm not blown away like J-Lo, but Randy says unbelievable and exciting.  Get the idea the judges like Casey.
    3. Ashton Jones - One of the judges picks does Diana Ross.  I am not familiar with the song, but she seems screechy to me.  This spot is not going to help her. No one really loves it. 
    4. After 5 minutes of commercials, we are given, Paul McDonald, who will sing a Ryan Adams song.  I have to say, I am not a fan of this guy, and he sounds like he's sick.  I am going to say what America is thinking - "Awful."  Steven Tyler loves everyone.  J-Lo likes the moves.  They're not smiling at him, they are laughing at him.  Randy loves who Paul is.  I DON'T get it.  Well, actually, I DO get it, but, I don't like it.
    5. Another 4 minutes, and Pia Toscano is next.  Now, it helps that she's the hottest of the contestants (and can sing), but the number 5 spot is a crap hole. Uh oh, Celine Dion.  Some of us remember when this song was original, and not by Celine Dion.  That means we're old.  Simon would say, "It's very karaoke, I think you're in trouble."  But, these judges are forgiving, so they say instead, "really beautiful," (J-Lo) "You have such a natural gift, I love it," (Randy) and "You just slammed it." (The new Paula).
    6. James Durbin idolizes Paul McCartney and will do "Maybe I'm Amazed." Actually, I do like this version, and it's a little more like I think the Beatles (the late '60's Beatles) would have done this song.  He's not helped by the mid-pack position, but Randy, for good reason, loves it.  As do the others.  
    7. Haley Reinhart - One of those forgotten girls. Stuck mid-pack, I think she's quite good, as this seems a very difficult song.  Will people remember it?  I think Randy has it perhaps right, that it's boring...
    8. Jacob Lusk - R. Kelly?  Really?  Is he going to rape someone?  Ok, I have to admit, when Jacob sings, he is one of those singers that send chills up the spine.  I loved the gospel touch to this.  Really something. Randy has it right.
    9. Moving into the homestretch, next up is Thia Megia - who will sing Smile.  There's no doubt that she has a very nice voice, and this moves to a jazzy vibe, which I think works ok for her.  Simon would complain that it's an old person's song.  He'd be right.  
    10. Stefano Langone - is going to do a Stevie Wonder song.  Dangerous (that's not the song), it's the strategy.  He's approaching pimp spot, which is an indication the producers want him to stick around.  Stevie Wonder rarely is a good choice for contestants, and I feel the same way here.  The fact that he couldn't break into the top 10 last week means he's not THAT popular with the fans.  Judges pimp him.  I don't really know why.
    11. Karen Rodriguez - is going take a Selena song and my only question - is it going to be in Spanish?  I just don't think it's that good.  She's the first contestant I have felt was really, really in trouble.  If J-Lo is downplaying it, it really did suck.  They all agree, suckfest.
    12. Scotty McCreery - Seems like something's wrong with the microphone. I don't think this song really fits Scotty's voice.  I like him, and I love his voice for country music.  I don't think this song worked and I hope the country fans keep him in, and he's aided by the number 12 spot.  Steven Tyler makes no sense, you know that.  Judges loved it and I wonder if the acoustics in the theater were better than what translated through my TV.
    13. Naima Adedapo - Umbrella - She's got the coveted pimp spot, for someone who was saved by the judges and I didn't think deserved it, that's an indication the producers want her around and think she needs a boost.  This may just be me, but I hated it.  Seemed off-key, arrangement was weird and she's weird.  Simon would detest this.  If she were not in the 13 spot, I'd say goodbye to her.
    So, I think Karen is gone, but, could be Ashton or Thia or Paul.  Add in Naima, and they are my bottom four.

    My top are easy:
    Jacob, James, Pia.

    Everyone else in a broad middle.  What did you think?

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