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    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    Idol 11! It's back

    American Idol has returned now in full force, and I'll be periodically giving my thoughts on it.  Last night the final 12 boys performed, and, in what I think is kind of rotten, this week they will be whittled down to six based on last night's performance.  The top 5 vote getters from us, and the final 1 from the judges.  Then, we'll start in earnest.  The danger here is that a couple of people who deserve to make the final 6 don't.  So, here's my take on last night's men:

    1. Clint Jun Gamboa - I thought was good, as did the judges, but he drew the dreaded #1 spot, and I don't think he has a lot of charisma to carry the night.  So, while I think he deserves to be in the final six, I think he's in trouble.
    2. Jovanny Barreto - I pegged him an early favorite, but I think his performance was just average.  Stuck in the 2 spot.  Not going to make it.
    3. Jordan Dorsey - I also had him pegged as an early favorite, but his performance was really, really awful.  The final six is only going to have one spot for a black guy, and it's not Jordan.
    4. Tim Halperin - Honestly, has been invisible.  His performance, and the mid-pack spot don't help him.  Your fifteen minutes is up, Tim.
    5. Brett Lowenstern - in a season with a few quirky contestants, Brett is plain wierd.  Later, Brett.
    6. James Durbin - Fortunately, the show turned better with James' performance.  He's the odds on favorite to win, in my opinion.  Daughter says he's like Adam Lambert.  Yeah, if you remove the gayness, and the questionable talent.  And, he sang a Judas Priest song.  Gotta love that. Easily in.
    7. Robbie Rosen - The judges love this guy, but I just don't get it.  Please, saying he was better than Sarah MacLachlan?  NOT.  Not going to make it, but a potential judges choice?
    8. Scotty McCreery - out deep voiced country star could leave this thing and start recording now.  Easily in, but the later theme nights could harm him.  May not have the crossover appeal to win, but should go far.  Doesn't matter, if he makes the final 8 or so, he's got a career covered.
    9. Stefano Langone - I didn't like his performancce, but I like him, and I think he may have the most appeal to Idol's 13-16 year old female crowd.  In.
    10. Paul McDonald - one of our truly quirky contestants this year. I don't think he is winner material, but he should make the final six men.
    11. Jacob Lusk - I agree that this kid can sing.  He should be in easy.  Helped by the slot.
    12. Casey Abrams - Taylor Hicks with talent?  My favorite, closely followed by James Durbin, Scotty McCreery and Jacob Lusk.  In.
    Now, at this stage, DialIdol.com doesn't tell us too terribly much, especially with the massive text voting that must go on, but it says that the top 5 are:
    1. Scotty McCreery
    2. Jacob Lusk
    3. James Durbin
    4. Stefano Langone
    5. Paul McDonald
    I can see that.  It has Casey Abrams as 7th, but they only predict that Scotty is safe, so anyone else could make the top 5.  If these are the 5, my prediction is the judges will add Casey.  I think the judges would add Jacob, James, Casey, Paul in that order, so, if any of those 3 don't make the final 5 America vote, look for one of them to get added by the judges.

    I may blog the girls later, but first I want to watch Survivor.

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