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    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    Union thugs and Islamic Terrorists. What's the difference?

    Pam Geller has details and commentary over at Atlas Shrugs, but, we can expect, and indeed are seeing, that the state-run media is playing down the Muslim attack and murder of 2 US Airmen today in Germany.  They can't stress often enough that this was a "lone" gunman, and they can't stress AT ALL that he was reportedly chanting Islamic slogans as he murdered his victims.

    Seems the only people killing American soldiers are the Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan and Islamists acting "alone" around the rest of the world.

    If the Left wants to find an instance where hate speech is actually leading to violence, don't look at Rush Limbaugh, look at the Islamists they have been enabling for years.

    Shifting gears to another group of thugs, if you haven't been exactly following the goings-on in Wisconsin, Anne Althouse, Law professor at U Wisconsin, has been doing great work on this in the blogosphere.

    If you read this blog even a little, you know I am completely unsympathetic to these government-union idiots, but, while they have no "right" to collective bargaining, they do have a first amendment rights to protest, even if their arguments are specious and ignorant.  The Constitution doesn't say your political speech has to be intelligent.

    I just ask you who may have some sympathy for these people to look at the conditions they are leaving in the Wisconsin Capital and the violent nature of their protests.  You don't have to look hard.

    These are just posted in the last few hours.

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