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    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Idol Results: Chalk

    So, tonights final 12 selection show is going on and here's my take after the top 10 have been selected.  Basically chalk so far.

    Of the guys, really no surprises.  I thought Stefano would make it, but I also thought Paul would, too.  The other 4 were no brainers.  I think the judges will choose Stefano.

    Of the girls, no real surprises there, either.  I thought Naima would make it, but Haley did instead.  She's hot, you could see her nipples, and she didn't sing awfully Wednesday night.  That explains it.  America is hoping for more Katherine McPhee type wardrobe issues.

    The judges choose to sing in the stupid sing off six people:
    1. Stefano
    2. Ashton
    3. Kendra
    4. Jovanny
    5. Naima
    6. Robbie
    Of course Ryan says that "we don't even know how many you might take" which makes me think we could have a final 16.

    The judges take....Ashton, Stefano (knew it, so I was 6 for 6 on the guys), Naima.  So I ended up being 12 for 12 and the judges added one.

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