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    Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    AI7 Guys Week 2, The Davids Have It

    The final 10 AI guys sang Tuesday nite, and, the Davids David Hernandez, David Cook, and David Archuleta were all outstanding, with David Archuleta clearly the class of this field.  Paula was crying when he sang, and Simon rightfully declared the other 19 contestants very miserable, as they now should be.

    Chikezie came back with a strong performance, Luke Menard redeemed himself (to me, apparently not to America, since hes last on dialidol), and deserves to move on, but early fave Michael Johns mailed it in, and the rest, quite honestly, stunk.  Dialidol.com has David A way ahead, but, has Jason Yaeger and Robbie Carrico in 2nd and 3rd, who I thought were really in trouble (well, its within the margin of error on dialidol, so theyre still in trouble).  Nice to see Rodney Ho, over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, agrees with me today.

    In order, I saw them last nite as:

    1.      David A (Imagine) way ahead

    2.      David H (Papa Was a Rolling Stone) gets second

    3.      David C (All Right Now) good rock vibe

    4.       Chikezie (I Believe to My Soul) much better and soulful

    5.      Luke Menard (Killer Queen) I thought it was very well done, and, unlike Simon, Id like to forget Freddy Mercury

    6.      Michael Johns (Go Your Own Way) like I said, mailed it in.

    7.      Robbie Carrasco (Hot Blooded) The next four could go any way not great

    8.      Jason Castro (I Just Want to be Your Everything) boring, and the vocals were not good, and, the dreds are wearing thin, he had a deer-in-the-headlights look, and why did Ryan rush him off the stage so quickly.  Was the only contestant NOT to speak with the judges.

    9.      Jason Yeager (Long Train Runnin) boring song, poorly done.  Why dialidol has him #2, I dont know.  Wouldnt be surprised to see him go, though.

    10.     Danny Noriega (Superstar) I hated it, but I hate his whole persona.  Dialidol has him next to last, so, you never know.

    I think one problem we have with dialidol is, when there is such a clear cut division between the top and bottom, its hard for it to really make any distinctions at the bottom. This week, with Archuletas running away with the numbers, anyone could be in 2-10.

    Well find out Thursday.

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