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    Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    American Idol: Live Blogging the top 10 Girls

    Updated at midnight eastern!

    Semi Live blogging the girls (well, on DVR). You'll have to go past the jump. Okay, Carly and Asiah get the bookend spots. Anyway, here goes:

    1. Carly Smithson - Crazy on You - Carly's best performance that I have seen. What's with the eyes looking up all the time and she insists on doing that crap with the microphone again. Odd. She can sing, but....she's still had her chance and will never get my vote. Plus, the tattoos are very off-putting.
    2. Syesha Mercado - Me and Mr. Jones - Weird choice. And, she didn't pull it off. Simon uses his self-indulgent line. Randy is underwhelmed. Syesha, who was so strong last time, was pretty weak tonight.
    3. Brooke White - You're So Vain - Since everyone says she's got a Carly Simon vibe, I guess she would have to take advantage of 70's week to do this song. Okay, everyone thinks she's Carly Simon 2, but, I don't think she really pulled it off. I like her, the makeup covers up her facial imperfections in HD, but, I fear she might not make the final 12. However, she's blonde and cute, and Simon likes her. She gets a ton of air time after the song.
    4. Ramiele Malubay - Don't Leave Me This Way - last week's hottest brings her big voice to this disco classic. I don't know, I like her and she sang the song fine. I agree with Randy, Paula and Simon - it was just boring.
    5. Kristy Lee Cook - You're No Good - This is another boring song from the '70's. Not much of an opportunity for her to show off what she may be capable of. I didn't like it. I think she's in trouble. Randy and Paula and Simon thinks it's a huge improvement. I just don't know.
    6. Amanda Overmyer - Carry on My Wayward Son - She's butchering one of my favorite songs of all time. Out of tune, she looks incredibly strange, and the time spent dancing is a waste of our time. Randy, who knows something about '70s music, expresses my sentiments exactly. If Paula has to say "you can dance" that means she doesn't have anything good to say about the singing. Amazingly tonight, the judges are agreeing.
    7. Alaina Whitaker - Hopelessly Devoted to You - Last week's surprise takes on this Olivia Newton-John standard. I think the song suits her, she overpowers a couple of notes and goes into screech mode, but all in all, it's a good choice that let's her show off some. Randy likes it less than me. Paula comes closer to my sentiment. Simon likes Alaina, but, he thinks she's being too old fashioned, too pageantry. He's right.
    8. Alexandrea Lushington - If You Leave Me Now - I think she's in a precarious position in this competition. Last week she surprised, but I feel she's struggling at times to keep her head above water. This performance was not that good, plus she's dressed like a man. Why? I think Simon's got her nailed tonight.
    9. Kady Malloy - Magic Man - I liked her, but she is really killing us all. My daughter asked me to fast forward through it she was so bad. The judges agree. If Kady doesn't lose the scowl, she's going to alienate what's left of her fans...
    10. Asia'h Epperson - All By Myself - Given the pimp last spot, she's out of tune, badly. It seemed she forgot the lyrics at one point. She did hit most of the high spots, but, it was not well done. Randy obviously wants to keep her in the competition. Fortunately, Simon brings us back to reality. She wasn't good enough to get this song done, and the song was bigger than her.

    I am having a hard time identifying a top three, but, forced to do so:

    1. Carly Smithson
    2. Brooke White
    3. Ramiele Malubay

    The bottom 3:

    1. Amanda Overmyer
    2. Kady Malloy
    3. Syesha Mercado

    Well, the voting is up to America now. We shall see tomorrow

    Update: 1151 PM ET

    Dialidol has the east coast numbers, and it doesn't look good for Syesha or Kady, although they have Amanda in 3rd. She must have the rocker following this year. Brooke White leads Carly barely, and Asia'h is 4th. However, no girl has enough votes to be safe, so far. The biggest surprise the other direction is Ramiele is 4th from the bottom. However, the dialidol last three are solidly in the last 3 spots. Swap Alaina for Amanda, and my predictions are tracking.

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