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    Thursday, February 14, 2008

    Erectile Dysfunction - Just GO AWAY!

    Is anyone else sick of cialis and viagra commercials? I mean, come on, I do NOT want to be humming the Viva Viagra tune for the rest of my life, but, apparently, if I take Viagra, I'm going to be enjoying some time in Vegas. Unfortunately, the reality of that is that the crowd that buys this stuff enjoys Vegas by watching Elvis imitators, gambling away their kids college funds, or looking for another drink.

    Seriously, though, if you're using Viagra, I don't think a kid showing up unexpectedly from college (let's face it, he's getting it, ok), or a plumbing emergency (hey, I KNOW where the shut-off valve is located) is going to make me wait "for the moment." If you need this stuff, trust me (as someone on the verge), you don't get enough "moments" to postpone your semi-annual one.

    Do the guys look slightly more desirable than the women in these commercials? Who do the drug companies think is buying this stuff, the women? Either this is a ploy to make men think Viagra makes them better looking, or these people's marketing is a little off. Hey, Pfizer, you want 50 year old men to buy Viagra, make it deliver some 25 year old nymphomaniacs to their front doors. You know, the kinds of girls who can stay with a man with 4-hour, chemical erection. If the crowd is stupid enough NOT to know that Viagra doesn't prevent STD's and HIV, then they just might be dumb enough to believe that they can get a 25 year old blonde sex freak into bed.

    If these commercials were clever, like the Bob series for Enzyte, then they might be watchable, and I, for one, might take them seriously. Alas, not even Bob was true, as the makers and marketers of Enzyte are accused of fraud, and their product, sadly, does not work. The good news is that Bob lives on on YouTube.


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