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    Friday, February 22, 2008

    American Idol, Sayonara crappy ones

    Well, the first 4 Idols are gone, and, I have to admit, there were no real surprises. For the guys, Garrett and Colton were axed. For the girls, Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella. Dialidol had the girls exactly, and only had Colton slightly ahead of Chikezie, so they pretty much nailed it. Who's next? I don't know, but my hope is Carly the cheater will fall flat on her face and forget the words next week, and won't be able to use her Prison Break tattoos to remember them.

    Who are my favorites (and not necessarily who I think will make the top 12?

    First, the girls (in no particular order, and note that one of these will definitely NOT make it, since AI is pimping Carly for at least the final 4):
    1. Ramiele Malubay
    2. Syesha Mercado
    3. Kady Malloy
    4. Kristy Cook
    5. Asia'h Epperson
    6. Amanda Overmyer
    The guys:
    1. Michael Johns
    2. David Archuleta
    3. Jason Castro
    4. David Cook
    5. Luke Menard
    6. David Hernandez
    As for the guys, I am also on a mission to get Danny Noriega off the show. I mean, how can we allow the son of General Manuel Noriega win on our favorite American show??????

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