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    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    American Idol 7, Episode 1, The Girls

    At this point in American Idol this season, I am not that interested in the guys. Michael Johns and David Archuleta are the best, and we'll see them in the final 6.

    As usual, it's the girls that I find more interesting, especially with a couple of ringers brought into the fray. I have already discussed here the recording industry past of Carly Smithson. Kristy Lee Cook also has a bit of a history, but not nearly as much was invested in her.

    Tonight, Carly, in her intro piece, spoke about the old recording contract. From the Internet reports, what Carly said tonight did not quite accurately describe her situation, and it makes her no less of a ringer to me. In Carly's intro, she mentioned she had signed a recording deal at 15, made an album (a failure) at 17, but that the record company had gone under and she was lost in the shuffle. I don't know if she was on a sub-label at MCA, but, she was with a major recording studio, and she sold all of 378 albums, after an investment of greater than $2M. I guess I'll let the voters decide (she's doing pretty good on dialidol.com right now).

    As for her performance tonight, I thought it was pretty crappy. Idol gave her the coveted closing spot, and Paula and Randy were falling all over themselves to praise her. I note that Simon spoke truth to power as usual, and said she basically sucked. Listen to Simon people.

    As for the other girls, Ramiele was clearly the best, with Asia'h being very good. Rocker girl Amanda Overmyer was wierd, but good, as was Alaina Whitaker (surprisingly).

    Who stunk - Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella. However, Amy has a career as a model, as these pictures will attest, so, Amy, it was nice knowing you, but see you in the next SI Swimsuit Edition!

    My personal favorite, Kady Malloy, was less than good, and if I didn't like her already, I'd say she's in trouble, too. Come on, Kady, Groovy Kind of Love?

    And here is the rest of it.

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