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    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    American Idol 7

    Ok, I'm not too proud to admit it, around my house, we spend a lot of the winter and spring enjoying American Idol. From the early auditions where we get to watch the worst, to the voting, where we vicariously live through these young people as they try to fulfill their dream, we watch and pick our favorites, and thanks to unlimited txt messaging, we become a part of it.

    However, this season, I can't let American Idol get away with something they are trying to perpetrate on us all, and that is allowing essentially a professional, already discovered singer sneak into the competition.

    That singer is Carly Smithson, the "Irish Girl" who was denied her chance two years ago because of a "visa" problem. Reminds me of all those Dominican baseball players who can't make it to spring training. Jeez, these schedules are made like years in advance, can't they get their visas well in advance? Come on. Anyway, I will make it my Season 7 quest to deny this cheater, and the AI Producers, who won't come clean on her history, her place in AI history. Read more here, too.

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