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    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Health Care Debate and Facebook

    When you participate in Facebook, and people start political discussions (however benignly) on their sites, you run into real morons.

    In a discussion about health care, this gem was a response to something I posted:

    "nothing good comes easy,,, Obama and this administration will complete in some form a health care reform plan that was started by Hillary Clinton way back when Bill Clinton was in his first term. The folks on the hill basically threw Hillary under the bus. As they say, "well behaved women rarely make history". I have faith that we will have something,, people like me, uninsured, in our hands by August 8th. At the very least, we should have the same healthcare that we pay for for our congressmen & women to have."

    First, this person is stuck under some kind of a rock, since Obama himself has backed off and now only wants something on his desk by the end of the year. It isn't going to happen by August 8th. Sorry.

    I don't understand the Hillary references? Is she talking about 1994? I don't know where this person was in 1994, but Hillary pretty much handled the bus throwing on her own. Is she talking about 2008? I dunno...

    I have to admit, I have never heard the phrase..."Well behaved women rarely make history." I'd counter and say Mother Theresa was well behaved, she made history (and Sainthood). But, maybe she's the exception. Again, I don't know where people get this stuff.

    As for "the same health care that we pay for for our congressmen and women [can't leave out both sexes, that should tell you something about the poster] to have," hmmmmmmmmm, seems no one is proposing that for this go round. As I recall, the Republicans actually proposed that in 1994, but, Hillary was having none of it.

    Finally, even if Obama had a bill on his desk on August 8th, most provisions of the House and Senate bills are not going into effect until 2013. Funny how that is AFTER the 2012 election cycle. Let's see, Obama declares victory before anyone actually gets to experience the program before his re-election year.

    You see, this is just politics as usual, or, you could call it, "The Chicago Way."


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