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    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    Tiger Woods blasted by Jim Brown

    Jim Brown lambasted Tiger Woods because Woods is "terrible" on social change issues.

    I appreciate that Brown was a fantastic (perhaps best ever) running back, and during the turbulent '60's. He felt a need to speak out then, and he does so to this day. Good for you, Jim.

    However, my suspicion is that Tiger is likely slightly more conservative in his politics than he may want to let on, and he has chosen to funnel his significant charitable contributions in more traditional ways, vice becoming a polarizing figure for "social change," whatever that is.

    Look, Jim, it's not 1968 anymore. Just because Tiger's mixed race includes black, doesn't mean he has to be a poster boy for anything the ossified black leaders decree. Tiger was clearly raised to be his own man, and he'll do what he wants. I hope Tiger doesn't see fit to give these babies the time of day.


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