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    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    US to replace Russia as India's key arms depot.

    I love that there's an English language version of Pravda. I doubly love that Naval OpenSource Intelligence is using it as their source for India's decision to primarily use the United States (vice Russia) as their arms supplier.

    The Indians. Without them, the Chinese will rule the world.


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    reddog said...

    China would would and perhaps will, at some point, go through India like a knife through butter. All India has is a lot of people. Most of them are uneducated, mired in poverty and not particularly fond of their government.

    Against the Arab World, India's military is formidable. The Chinese could neutralize them in a long weekend and be ready to go again by Wednesday. I don't think, though, that China has much interest in India now. To utilize the land and resources would require genocide on a vast scale. It's doable but bad public relations.

    China and Russia are natural enemies. They are already engaged in a monumental struggle for control of the vast Siberian interior and Pacific rim. Already the Chinese have sent wave after wave of illegal settlers into the area. Eventually, the Russians will either have to cede the area or resort to force of arms. If this happens, do you think the US will side with Russia? I'm not so sure.

    It will be interesting.