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    Friday, November 6, 2009

    Religon of Peace Strikes Again

    Yesterday, the Religion of Peace demonstrated, via its agent, Nidal Malik Hasan, that it is willing to murder more Americans on American soil to achieve their goal of a global caliphate and make sure all you Liberal womyn are wearing burkhas and educated in dark closets.

    Of less outrage to me, is President Obama's "statement" on this yesterday.  He was at some conference on some government-run something or other and I guess decided, 2 minutes into his obviously prepared (and prompted?) remarks to make a statement about the Fort Hood act of war.

    I mean come on, you're the President!  What would it have hurt to make the short statement at the beginning, when you came out, then go into your prepared love speech to whatever interest group is sucking up to you today?

    See the video, it's 2 minutes into it, and his "shout out" (I really could do without my President "shouting out.") to the Indian Medal Of Honor winner is not even right, the guy won the Medal of Freedom (from BHO, no less).  All they show, of course, on the Legacy Media, is the clip starting with the Fort Hood statement, doing, as usual, their best to make this guy look like he really gives a crap about the United States of America.  Hey, why not just issue an apology right there, Obama?  Add an admonishment to not hold this against those Islamofascists who just want to practice their religion in peace (or, er, amongst pieces of chopped up bodies   of Infidels).  I wonder, if Nadal Malik Hasan were a pro-life nutcase who walked into an abortion mill and started targeting doctors and nurses, we'd know all about his religion, his church, his pastor's teachings, and George W. Bush would be crucified along with him for creating the culture of death.

    Where do Muslims stand on abortion?  Because, if we can start everyone of these newscasts with Anti-abortion, Islamofascists Abdullah Abdullah Muhammad Rosannah Dannah, then maybe we can get the Legacy Media and Leftists to agree to fight these bastards wherever they roam.  

    Anyway, here is the Apologizer-in-Chief's statement, IN ITS ENTIRETY AND IN CONTEXT.  You go Chief Joe!

    I mean really?

    Moonbattery (caution, comments section is very anti-Obama) has other thoughts as well, all poignant and relevant.  The more I see of BHO, the more I am convinced of his detachment from any sort of reality, and the utter incompetence of this man.

    How do you Statists feel knowing that Rham Emanuel is running the White House while Nancy Pelosi plays shadow PM while Harry Reid plays Court Jester (or, is that Uncle Fester?).

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