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    Saturday, November 14, 2009

    Barack. Hussein. Obama. Worst. President. Ever. (and most dangerous?)

    Readers know I am no fan of the socialist, perhaps Marxist, President Barack H. Obama.

    But, previous to this week, I thought he was just a committed socialist and lightweight intellectual, who was in over his head and advised by a bunch of Chicago thugs.  THAT, I figured we could endure, as our worst enemy in this 4 year lurch to the Left would be the administration's incompetence.  Figuring that we lived through Jimmy Carter (and he delivered us Ronald Reagan), I imagined we could pretty much endure anything (we also survived the Andrew Johnson presidency) in this great nation of ours.

    That was until the events of the last week.

    Leading up to Fort Hood, we have Obama "dithering" to use the phrase of the moment, on whether to listen to his Obama-appointed Commander in Afghanistan,General Stanley McChrystal, and supply him with the troops he requested to carry out the mission (counterinsurgency) that this administration chose as the best path in the Spring.  Get that - BHO's appointed guy, BHO's chosen strategy?  Now he needs to think some more about it, since the stark reality of executing that strategy might not be particularly appealing to Obama's core constituency (the Moveon.org Left).  And this group has the nerve to lecture anyone about "political posturing."

    The Fort Hood shooting is the first successful act of terrorism (Islamic or otherwise) to occur on our soil since 9/11.  Comparing BHO's response to this to GWB's response to 9/11 is a night and day difference.  BHO gave us this response (re-read my post of last Friday) and continues to exhort this nation not to jump to any conclusions, or for Congress to investigate, until the Army has completed its investigation.  Please, Mr. President, call this out (as you like to say) for what it is.  Single gunman, conspiracy, whatever, it is an attack on American servicemen and women, on Americam soil, by an Islamofascist, in the name of Islam, justified by  Imam's and Islamic religious leaders who are not THAT far out of the mainstream of Islamic thought.  IT IS TERRORISM, AND IT HAPPENED ON YOUR WATCH, AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE ULTIMATELY FOR IT.  ADMIT IT AND DEAL WITH IT.

    In the week that followed Fort Hood, while the president continues to "dither" on Afghanistan, and refuses to call Fort Hood what it was, he and his crooked Attorney General, Eric "I Let Mark Rich, the FALN, and other criminals, thugs, and murderers go" Holder, determined that bringing Khalid Sheik Muhammad (KSM, the mastermind of 9/11) and the other 9/11 conspirators to civilian criminal trial in New York City, vice a military tribunal in Gitmo, was the way this heinous terrorist and illegal combatant would be tried.  With the full force and faith if the US Constitution and the best lawyers money can buy.  Yet, Holder virtually guaranteed a conviction, basically saying, we are going to put NYC at risk, give these idiots a period of time where they can have a soapbox to rail against the West, all for what, a sham conviction that leads to life in prison?

    What Holder and Obama are doing here is, in my opinion, a disastrous policy that borders on treasonous and makes Obama the Worst. President. Ever.

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