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    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Paul Johnson is the best coach in Georgia. Period. (And other College FB thoughts).


    In case you missed it, Georgia Tech defeated Wake Forest in overtime today 30-27.

    Besides the usual amount of ground yardage (~450), Tech struggled to score and Wake did a good job making sure Tech was always starting on the Tech side of the field.  Despite a fairly rotten performance from the pass defense (typical), Tech managed a 24-24 tie after holding Wake to zero points for nearly 25 minutes of the 2nd half.  CPJ went for it on 4th down 4 times during the game, and you can usually count on Tech making it about 75% of the time.  Today, they were 0 for 4 in regulation.

    Did that deter CPJ, after Wake had scored first with a field goal in the first overtime, from going for it again on 4th and 1 at the Wake 4 yard line, when he could have kicked a chip shot field goal and tied it back up and played a 2nd OT?

    Of course not, because Paul Johnson has balls of steel and figured “If we can’t get half a yard, we don’t deserve to win.”  Mark Bradley reports.

    So, on 4th and 1, stud QB Josh Nesbitt sneaked the 1 yard, and scored on the subsequent play, giving Tech the win, and securing our 7th straight.  With losses by one-loss teams Oregon and LSU ahead of us, and Penn State behind, and Iowa losing, Tech is sure to move up in the BCS rankings (though I doubt we get further than 7th).

    In ACC play tonight, Clemson and FSU are fighting for FSU's final chance to sneak back into the Atlantic Division race, while Clemson can keep pace with Boston College in their Atlantic Division race (they're tied, but Clemson holds the tie-breaker over BC).  With a loss, BC holds their destiny in their hands, and I'd much rather play BC in the ACC Championship Game, since it would be nice to play someone different, and Clemson is playing well right now and they are better than their record indicates, and, they would like to avenge their loss to us about 2 months ago now.

    So, go 'Noles!

    In other college football thoughts:

    • Navy beat Notre Dame (again!), 23-21 (and it wasn't THAT close).  GO Navy!  Got to love that high school offense these schools play...
    • I have been impressed by the use of instant replay in college football this season.  Most of the time, it vindicates the referees and shows how often they get the calls right.  I also think the college game (as opposed to the pro game), where the calls are not reviewed subject to a coach's challenge, but, whenever the officials think necessary, is better. The officials all seem to have taken the approach that they can make the call that will lead to a replay, then, if they are wrong, the replay official will set it straight.  Like I said, they are usually getting them right.  Sometimes, rather than make a quick call, you can tell they are spending some time processing what they have just seen, make a call, then let the replay official sort it out.  I know it disrupts the flow of the game, but, now that we're used to it, I think it works.  
    Anyway, FSU is now up 17-14.  Ugh.  

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