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    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Andrew Sullivan: Basically an Internet Troll

    Ann Althouse is taking on (sort of) Andrew Sullivan and his crusade against Sarah Palin.

    I know Sullivan won't respond to me, but Ann is on to something with dear old Andy.  Palin's finger is actually NOT on the nuclear button, and while Andy may think he's performing some important civic duty proving Sarah Palin is "clinically delusional," perhaps he could spend a little bit more time examining the "writings" of Barack Obama:

    "It's only fair. Andrew Sullivan, what if, with the same intensity and standards you've aimed at Palin, you went through the things Barack Obama has said and written?"

    Ann kills Andy.


    Anonymous said...

    el sid here j. did you quit on me? I figured you would have something else to say. I told a fellow submariner about you and your blog, we had quite a good laugh at your expense. A lot of people on board did. He pointed out that only 6 or 7 people respond to your posts. Another shipmate of mine also had a question: What exactly do you do with submarines in the reserve in Atlanta? Do you drive down to Kbay or up to VA? Just a thought. You also never answered me about what rate you were. We are all very curious. I told you I wouldn't remember my email password. I dont even recall the login name. I didnt take you for a quiter. How many cans can you put in the TDU? Remember j, pride runs deep. How deep is yours. Did your bubblehead become a skimmer?

    Jay said...

    El Sid, Nice to hear from you again. Why don't you migrate over to your original response for your reply, or is that too difficult for you.

    Have a great Navy day.