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    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Google Reader and other Google rants

    If this post doesn't reveal me as a screaming capitalist pig consumer, nothing ever will.

    I have some good things and some bad things to say about Google today.  First, the bad.

    I have used Google search since before it was cool (was it ever thus?).  It returned great results and the site was easy to use, uncluttered and not a sop to commercial interests.  Google remains a great place to find information, unless someone has paid to get their results at the top of certain searches.  I have noticed more and more lately that Google is clearly now using their place in the search market, and maybe it's because so many others are gaming the system (but, I bet it's Google), to place paid results at the top of searches.  I don't blame Google for trying to make money, I celebrate it, but, admit it.  Honestly, this is one reason why I have started using Microsoft's Bing much more for web research.

    2nd complaint.  Ok, Google likes to claim their motto is "Do No Evil" or some such claptrap.  Throw away the fact that they support every Liberal cause imaginable (thus, perpetrating great evil on all of us), but, they want to use that influence to force telecommunications companies to give Google's content a free ride over infrastructure paid for by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Comcast, etc.  And, Google wants to do this at the point of a government gun (this is a little thing called Net Neutrality - I suggest you google it using some non-Google search engine).  Hey, Google, go build your own damn infrastructure and stop giving your money to Democrats!

    3rd complaint.  Gmail.  Since I use Yahoo mail mostly, and when home, I have my gmail and yahoo mail delivered to Outlook, I don't see the rottenness of gmail except when I travel, and maybe it's because it is a secondary account for me (as opposed to yahoo).  But, Google could learn something from Yahoo in terms of user interface.  I just find gmail's crappy.  Sorry.

    What do I like about Google?
    Google search is still the best for finding images and searches about music.  If anyone knows a better music search tool, do let me know.  I mean for finding obscure artists information, song names from lyrics, etc.

    Reader.  I have tried many RSS readers, and while I really prefer the RSS reader in Internet Explorer, the fact that it is PC-specific is maddening.  That's why I prefer Google Reader, which follows you everywhere, as an RSS reader should.  I can't understand how a company that makes such a good, easy-to-use tool as Google Reader can make such a crappy tool as Gmail.  I don't get it.

    Blogger.  Best purchase ever by Google, but, I haven't tried any others, so I don't speak from real experience here.

    Chrome.  Ok, best browser ever.  Best.  If you don't use Chrome, you ain't really using the Internet.

    Speaking of reader - you all should use it.Notice the "Shared Items" widget at the top right of this blog?  I can just click "Share" on anything I find of interest in my RSS feeds and boom, it makes it right over here.  You should CHECK THIS SITE DAILY and see what I'm reading.  I mean it.  YOU SHOULD ALL VISIT THIS SITE DAILY, AND STOP JUST READING THE EMAIL FEED YOU GET.



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