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    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    Gibbsy on FoxNews Sunday. LOL Funny!

    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs (aka "Washington Bob") was on FoxNews with Chris Wallace today (just now!) and, boy, is he a funny guy!

    First, does this signal the war on Fox is over?

    The administration knows nothing other than campaigning, Gibbsy had these whoppers:

    • Regarding Bernanke's reappointment: Let's not upset the applecart.  The latest "bashing" Gibbs calls "the taxpayers getting their money back."  Does Gibbsy not know that the latest bashing isn't designed to get our money back, the banks are paying the money back (with interest).  It is designed to punish the banks and play to populism.  It's the MO of this administration.  Yesterday's bogeyman - Fox News.  Today's bogeyman - "Fat cat bankers."  He's right about the investment firm/banking separation, though.  Needs to be done.  However, the tax on banks is just pure populism, and destined to hurt the economy.
    • State of Union - More populism will be heard.  "Washington is about the special interests and not about them."  Again, all about the banks.  Wallace slams him on back room deals on Health Care.  Gibbsy has rambling response that goes nowhere.  Wallace brings up the more spending on "stimulus." Gibbsy has this great line, "The recovery plan, in a transparent way, put money back into the economy."  Haha.  Transparent.  The hallmark of Obama.  But wait, there's more, when Wallace points out that (despite Gibbsy's protestations that we've "saved or created more than a million jobs") jobs are still shedding, he says, "What we inherited when we walked into the door....[bash Bush!]...on the the verge of creating more jobs."  On the verge!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  There will be more blaming Bush.  Gibbs smartly reminds people that Obama "put his hand on the Bible."
    • As for Health Care.  Wallace shows Obama contradicting himself and blasts the administration for not being able to get together with Congress on this one.  He tries to claim the administration has "always been focused on jobs."  Yeah.  Got it. 
    • Then we turn to the MA election.  Wallace shows Obama's LOL statement that the MA election was the same sentiment that elected him (i.e. blaming Bush for a republican winning The Teddy Kennedy Memorial Senate Seat).  Wallace then shows the Brown platform, and asks Gibbsy, there was no secret here that he was the "41st vote against health care" and was opposed to ALL of the Obama agenda.  Here, Gibbs offers statements that are outrageously hilarious.
      • He contends that the vote in MA is a vote FOR Obama.  Seriously.  He claims that "more people voted to express their support of Barack Obama than to oppose him."  Now, if that is true, than how popular can Obama be?  Seems like the kind of polling data you'd want to suppress, when in MA, you can't get supporters of this most Liberal president to get his candidate to victory.  I guess they're saying that without Obama, Coakley loses worse.
      • "People are angry that we haven't made more progress on the economy."  Duh.  
      • Wallace screws up here. People DO want health care reform.  They don't want this health care reform and they don't like the way this was done.  Anyway, Gibbs brings up the special interests here again.  Spin.  One of the lessons of the MA election is that HCR highlights the influence of special interests in Washington, and, in this case, it's all left-leaning special interests.
      •  Wallace is holding back laughter at this point and turns the attention to the return of 2008 campaign director David Plouffe.  Is Axelrod soon finished?
    • Osama Bin Laden's latest tape:
      • Best whoppers are here.  Gibbs reiterates that he's (Bin Laden) a coward and even uses the word "terrorist" who will "hopefully, soon be brought to justice."  Interesting, that he doesn't reiterate the Obama campaign pledge to hunt him down in Pakistan, if necessary.  Great opportunity for Gibbsy, but he punts it.
      • Wallace points out that none of the DHS and Intel leaders knew of the decision to Mirandize and treat as law enforcement activity, the underwear bomber.  And, that after 50 minutes of questioning, he was Mirandized.  Folks, in Gibbs' reply here, is why we need to fear the leadership of Barack Obama.
        • Was the president informed before or after?  Stuttering from Gibbs.  "That decision was made by the Justice Department and the FBI by experienced interrogators.  And make no mistake, valuable intelligence was gotten."  Uh huh.  So, the administration has decided to throw DoJ under the bus, and most likely, to spare Obama's AG (Eric Holder), you'll see the FBI blamed for this one.  Gibbs decides to stick with the "valuable intelligence was gotten" meme.  (Aside:  If you want to learn why this is such a dangerous position, please get a copy of the January 25th National Review, and read Andrew McCarthy's story, "Enemies, not Defendants."  It's a primer on why we need to NOT treat this like a law enforcement activity).
        • Wallace, incredulous: "You really don't think if you'd interrogated him longer, you'd have gotten more information?"  Gibbs, again tosses the FBI under the bus, "FBI interrogators believe they got valuable intelligence and were able to get all that they could out of him."  Again, get a copy of that McCarthy piece listed above (email me if you can't get it).
    Just wow.  Wow.

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