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    Friday, January 1, 2010

    Kuydlow predicts decent growth in 2010

    While Americans, in general, are not bullish on the economy, at least one esteemed supply-side economist, Larry Kudlow, is, sort of.

    Kudlow sees unemployment easing in 2010 and growth of 4-5%.  As he states, not as good as coming out of the 79-82 recession, but, given all the pressures on the economy, and the massive deficits being rung up, not awful, and certainly not a double dip recession.

    Part of Kudlow's optimism rests on fiscal conservatism ushering in a markedly different Congress in 2010.  I hope he's right.  Also, he expects the coming (in 2011) significant tax increases on the top 5% of wage earners to cause changes in their spending in 2010 (on this he is certainly correct), thus driving up some 2010 numbers artificially.

    Conservatives and the GOP would be foolish to bet their fortunes on the failure of the US economy.  As I have posted before and elsewhere, the economy is larger than what the President, Congress and even the Federal Reserve, can do alone.  The American People are still the drivers of this economy, and, despite all attempts by the Obamacons, we still drive this ship.

    For a completely pessimistic view, check out Vox Populi, who sees plenty of bad news, largely due to the expanding federal debt and deficit.

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