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    Friday, January 1, 2010

    Tiger dumped by AT&T

    So, AT&T is the latest sponsor to drop Tiger Woods, joining Accenture. Buick dropped Tiger a year ago in the midst of the GM bankruptcy.

    With respect to Tiger, my personal feeling is that I like to watch Tiger play golf.  I only watch golf when Tiger is playing.  The truth is, Tiger doesn't play enough.

    While I find the fall from grace precipitated by the Tiger Libido interesting as tabloid fare, I really don't care that much.  I am not a golfer, so, I am not buying the Tiger products anyway.  I certainly wouldn't have bought a Buick because of him, or consulted with Accenture, or even used an AT&T cell phone because of him.  AT&T can go sponsor Ernie Els or Vijay the Cheater or Phil Mickelson or some other oft-shown golfer to get the AT&T logo on TV.

    I would personally like to see Tiger play more tournaments, and some of the lesser ones.  So, since he's going to be minus a ton of cash now, perhaps he'll deign to play in some of the more obscure events.

    I like Lee Trevino's idea - make the pros play every tournament every three years, or pull their card.

    But, that's just me.

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    reddog said...

    I'm with you. Tiger adds a lot to the Sport. He's no more promiscuous than Babe Ruth and nowhere near as bigoted and I still like the Babe.

    I don't even buy Nike. Value for the dollar isn't there.