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    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    Teddy Kennedy's Seat in GOP Hands.

    Beginning to look a lot like Scott Brown will take "Ted Kennedy's" seat in the Senate. (As I wrote this, the AP called it for him).

    The Demorat recriminations have already begun.  The Choakley camp blames the national Democrats. The national Democrats blame Choakley.

    Obama is "frustrated."  Obamacare may be dead.  Keith Olbermann is standing there beside himself.  Rachel Maddow may commit suicide on camera.  Chris Matthews has to keep his Blackberry in his pocket to get a tingle up his leg.

    Commentary's Jennifer Rubin reports :
    "CNN’s [John King] says Democrats were shocked by the 'rage' that has now turned against them. Did they not see the tea party protests? Ah, no. They were busy mocking. Did they not watch the two gubernatorial races in 2009? Nope. They were spinning. That’s why they’re shocked now."
    I have to ask myself, just how clueless are these people, let's review what has happened since Obama's election:

    1. Saxby Chambliss held the GA senate seat in a run-off.
    2. Al Franken had to steal the MN senate seat
    3. Arlen Specter switched to the party he belonged to, perhaps assuring the GOP of grabbing this seat in 2010
    4. Joseph Cao won a special election in LA
    5. Chris Christie took the state house in NJ
    6. The Dems lost the VA state house to Bob McDonnell
    7. A narrow victory in a special election in NY-23 because of GOP stupidity
    8. AL rep.Parker Griffith switched to the GOP
    9. Scott Brown won the "Teddy Kennedy Memorial Senate Seat"

    So, the Dems have managed to steal a seat, get a horrid RINO to switch parties, and, in actual elections, are 1 and 5, and the one was due to GOP ineptitude.  Not to mention, in local elections (NY, PA especially), the GOP has been defeating Dems in traditional strongholds.

    When will the Left realize that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have far overreached and are turning Obama into a one year president, much less a one-term prez?