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    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Jack Cafferty is going to follow Lou Dobbs out of CNN if he keeps this up

    What is wrong with CNN's Jack Cafferty?

    I used to hate to watch his commentary, so opposed to Bush and conservatism he seemed, but, maybe he's just in a bad mood all the time, because, he is really pushing his luck over there at CNN with these recent commentaries:

    • Today, he slammed the Pentagon's politically correct report on the Ft. Hood shooting:
      "It’s a joke. No mention in the report of the suspect’s views of Islam- none- in fact, the 86-page report doesn’t even once mention Major Nidal Hasan by name. "
    • Just a couple of days ago, he hit Obama for breaking his promise of transparency in health care negotiations.  Like Joe Wilson, Cafferty has concluded Obama is a liar.
    • A week ago, he called Nancy Pelosi a "horrible woman."
    • The same day, on CNN.com, he questioned Global Warming orthodoxy!
    • Back in December, he was one of the few outside Fox to call attention to Climate Gate.
    What's wrong with this guy?


    reddog said...

    Cafferty isn't a racist so most Southrens classify him as a liberal. Apparently this includes you too, Jay.

    By the way, where do yo stand on the Pat Robertson, "the Haitian niggers sinned when they threw off their slave chains and now God is punishing them", theory.

    Jay said...

    As usual, you're off the reservation. I don't think I called Cafferty a liberal. He was pretty hard on Bush, maybe he's just anti-establishment, and I think Bam has pretty much established himself.

    I reject the argument that you have to be a racist in the South to not be a liberal. Apparently, you don't get out much.

    As for Robertson, I'm pretty sure you have misquoted him. For the record, he's an old, senile idiot who also supports the notion of man-made global warming.