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    Friday, January 15, 2010

    Hume suggests Tiger find God! Leftist world stops turning.

    Kathryn Jean Lopez (of National Review Online) writes about Brit Hume's entreaty to Tiger Woods to "...turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world."  Granted, Hume was saying that the Buddhism that Woods claims to sometimes practice may not offer him the same kind of forgiveness that is offered through Jesus Christ.  I don't know anything about Buddhism, so, I can't speak to the truth of this statement, but, I know that Hume's promise re:Christianity is 100% true.

    This has the secular Left apoplectic. Left-wing automaton Keith Olbermann warns, "the worst examples of that are jihadists, not to mention, you know, guys who don’t know their own religions or somebody else’s religion, like Brit Hume.”

    Methinks Hume well understands his own religion, Keith (I already stipulated that perhaps Hume doesn't know Buddhism, I know I do not).  What he does understand is that God's forgiveness is unconditional, given as Grace through Christ, is available to all, only for the asking, and that it frequently provides Peace to the broken, and, that it works for him. It doesn't make us perfect, it only makes us forgiven our imperfections.

    You would think a former sportscaster might be accustomed to high profile individuals expressing their religious faith openly, seeing as how so many athletes openly show their thanks to God after a great play.  You would think, if Olbermann had a whit of compassion, he might hope for whatever it takes to repair a man like Tiger Woods.  If that's Christianity, so what?  Hume's advice is just that, advice.  That it is offered by a political commentator is new, and, apparently news.

    I realize guys like Olbermann are violently opposed to the marriage of church and state, but, this is not that.  There's no prohibition against journalism and Church, it just doesn't often happen.  That Hume had enough compassion for Woods to suggest that a turn to Christ might offer something he's missing is refreshing.

    If you don't like it, well, so be it.  Christians have been persecuted for 2000+ years, you'd just be joining a crowded room.


    Jackie N said...

    Preach on brother, you're on fire tonight!

    Sister J.

    Josh said...

    I learned the other day that it doesn't say anywhere in the Constitution anything about "separation of church and state." My friend, a history major, was saying that this is only mentioned in letters Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut in 1802. I think the rest is just an unwritten idea that the US has been following for the past 200+ years.