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    Monday, October 10, 2016

    Hillary's Magic Court - F The Constitution

    If you watched Debate #2, the most important question occurred near the end.

    In response to what kind of justices would you appoint to the Supreme Court, Hillary Clinton had these wonderful insights for us:

    "I want to appoint Supreme Court justices who understand the way the world really works, who have real-life experience, who have not just been in a big law firm and maybe clerked for a judge and then gotten on the bench, but, you know, maybe they tried some more cases, they actually understand what people are up against."
    In other words, the judges will use as their basis for examining law "the way the world works."  Or, more accurately the way Hillary Clinton and her friends on the Progressive Left think the world works.
    "Because I think the current court has gone in the wrong direction. And so I would want to see the Supreme Court reverse Citizens United and get dark, unaccountable money out of our politics. Donald doesn’t agree with that."
    She wants to remove the right of people to freely assemble and gut the First Amendment.  Citizens United was correctly decided and some may recall it was a case about a film that was about HILLARY CLINTON.  Basically, this bitch wants to throw out the First Amendment due to spite.
    "I would like the Supreme Court to understand that voting rights are still a big problem in many parts of our country, that we don’t always do everything we can to make it possible for people of color and older people and young people to be able to exercise their franchise."
    Voting Rights are NOT a big problem.  States that have tough ID laws for voting have little fraud, and they all provide state-issued IDs for free, and in many cases, allow provisional ballots to be cast even to those without IDs.  Fair elections without fraud are fundamental to the integrity of our system.  Requiring voters to produce an ID that proves who they are is not too much to ask.  But, it prevents voter fraud that Democrats like to practice, so it must be cast as racist and enshrined into law by Jurists in Robes, since no state legislature will allow such shenanigans.
    "I want a Supreme Court that will stick with Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose, and I want a Supreme Court that will stick with marriage equality."
    It's ok for a Liberal to have an abortion litmus test, but God forbid a conservative have one.  If you get Hillary Clinton, you get abortion on demand.  Forever.  You'll also get further erosion in religious liberty.  Liberals dream of the only day you get the chance to practice your religion as being Sunday between 9:30-11.  They'll further gut the First Amendment to get it.  

    We also know she'd love to get the 2nd Amendment reinterpreted to remove the individual right enshrined by Heller.  Getting that 5th Liberal Justice and a case suitable enough, will get that done.

    Trump is a crap shoot on the Court, and he's a horrible person.  I get that.

    Choose wisely.

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