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    Monday, October 3, 2016

    Jay Goes for Hillary!?!?

    My friends, and the impeccable logic of the left have finally subdued me.

    I have seen the light and am casting my lot with the Hillary! administration.  

    This is not in a craven attempt to ensure the zombies sure to be unleashed when Herself takes the reins of power do not devour me (first), but is a heartfelt admission that the logic is clear and that I should join the Tolerance of the Left TM team.

    This weekend I learned much about myself and Donald Trump.

    I learned that people on the Left have some good points, and they make them in interesting and fun ways.

    For example, people who use this as their Facebook profile picture really speak to me:

    By cracky, I don't want to unfriend anyone.  Why that would be just awful and mean.  I'd never do that!

    Some really important people (ok, movie stars) also told me I must vote for Trump.  So, they can't be wrong, can they?  These people also think it's important to vote....

    SAVE THE DAY Response from BrabenderCox on Vimeo.

    This article helped me fully understand what was wrong with my brain, and I only needed the gentle prodding of the kind and caring liberals on Facebook to help me fully understand that my failure to accede to Hillary was likely a mental disorder.

    Finally, this insightful and compassionate analysis made it clear to me.  I am not a classless, racist, misogynistic person of low integrity with bad business instincts.  I am a Christian who believes in the Constitution, therefore, I must not be a Trump voter, I must be...something else.

    I am not sure what that something else is, but it sure can't be Trump.  I can't have the members of polite society who brought us this thinking I am some kind of narcisstic loony-toon.  So, it's probably Hillary.

    By the way, if you want a much more fun, and insightful analysis of the typical Trump voter in flyover country, read this post.

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