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    Saturday, October 29, 2016

    The Trouble With Huma

    The FBI Director dropped a bombshell yesterday that he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails based on new information from an "unrelated" investigation.

    Later on Friday, we learned that "unrelated" investigation was the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, in which Mr. Weiner was sexting an underage girl.

    During the course of that investigation, the FBI took possession of several computers used in the Weiner household, among them one shared by Mr Weiner and his (now estranged) wife, Huma Abedin.

    Herein the relation.

    Huma happens to be Hillary's long term Girl Friday and potential Chief of Staff in a Hillary administration, so, it's kind of a big fvcking deal, as Joe Biden might say.

    So, what happened here and what is the likely outcome?

    We know the Clintonistas spent a lot of time traveling. That's Hillary's number one accomplishment as Secretary of State, so they were on mobile devices alot.  So much so, that we know Hillary ran through 17 of these things (all of which have been destroyed, sadly), and we also know that Hillary was prone to ask her minions to "pls prt" when she wanted to read a particularly interesting email.

    Huma testified that she would frequently send these to her personal email accounts for later printing, ostensibly when she was somewhere with a convenient printer hooked up.  This is where she may find herself in some personal legal hot water with the investigators.  I don't know the details of her "pls prt" testimony, but, we may find out that she misled the FBI over the depth and breadth of her emailing to private accounts.  She may have even lied about the accounts.

    Personally, I think Huma is in big trouble.

    But, is Hillary in trouble, too?

    That really depends on the nature of the emails and the trail back to Hillary.  If it turns out that in this trove of emails there are emails that were work related and not turned over to the FBI, she can make the case that she turned over all known recoverable emails and that she had no knowledge of this Huma cache.  I think both those are lies, but they probably couldn't lead to perjury charges against Hillary.

    If it turns out there are classified emails, and that they passed through Hillary's hands, then she may not be in legal trouble due to Comey's previously established "intent" standard, but she would certainly be in deep political trouble.

    If the emails contain evidence that the private server that Hillary maintained was clearly established to prevent future disclosure and harbored clearly classified email at some point, then she is guilty on the "intent" standard and on several other laws, including perjury.

    What will the Hillary gang do about Huma?

    She's problem number one, and she has a long history of, err, service, to Hillary.  Will she fall on her sword for Hillary, or will they throw her overboard?  And will all this happen before November 8th?

    I feel sorry for Huma.  She has had to work for an odious woman for many years, and maybe she and Hillary have the kind of special relationship that only they can share.  She was forced into a sham marriage with an equally (ok, more) odious man, in Anthony Weiner.

    If anyone has suffered for this, it is Huma.

    I think her suffering may be in prison for a while.

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