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    Saturday, October 8, 2016

    Trump Needs to Ask Forgiveness From the American People

    By now, Trump's misogynist conversation with Billy Bush 11 years ago is locked in the public lore.

    He's going to get asked this on Sunday and he needs to address it early and fundamentally.  KellyAnne Conway, if you're listening, this you are getting for free.

    My suggestion is that the American people have proven a forgiving lot.  They want change this season and they only have Trump to do that.  He needs to reassure them he is not the misogynistic, narcisstic, selfish lout that he is portrayed to be (or that he may actually be).

    So, answer the question, answer it head on and show some self-awareness.

    Something like this:
    I have traveled around this country the last year or so, and I have met and gotten to know so many wonderful people.  It has offered me the opportunity to do a lot of soul searching and self-reflection, and you know, there are a lot of things I did in my life that were not proud moments for me.  They reflected my great love of my self, and as I have aged, I have realized that this country is so much more important than me.  That's why I am subjecting myself to this, because I want to change things.
    What you heard this week was one of those awful, locker-room type conversations that many men have.  I've these conversations with Bill Clinton and others, who I won't reveal because they didn't sign up for this. 
    But that doesn't make them right and I understand that my personal behavior in the past was just terrible, and terribly disrespectful to women.  
    You can see that my children, despite my failings, of which there are many, have turned out pretty well.  I hope you know I feel about this country as I feel about them.  I love every American just like these kids. (if he can choke back a tear here, that would be good)
    For my personal past behavior, I confess I have not been a paragon of virtue and the opposition probably has more to slam me with.  They want to make this election about me, and not about the change we so desperately need.  I can't stop them from trying to divert attention from there failed agenda.
    All I can so is there are many wonderful people who I know pray for me every day to improve, and I thank them.  
    To you, the American people, I apologize and I simply ask for your forgiveness. 

    1 comment:

    Rafael Gomez said...

    This would be monumental and in fact would help him a lot. Especially if he was sincere about it, but getting him to say these words AND be sincere is asking a lot of the Donald.