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    Sunday, October 9, 2016

    I Really Hate This Guy, I Still Hate Herself More.

    It is a conundrum.

    I don't hate him, per se.

    I hate his campaign and I hate his past transgressions, and, since I find it highly unlikely the GOP will have the guts to remove him from the ticket, I pray that there are no recent ones to screw him up.

    I hate the GOP for not recognizing that he was a potential train wreck of a man, with this exact kind of stuff very likely.

    But, I actually think there is lemonade in these lemons.

    So much of these things, is as I  suggested in this post, about how you handle it.

    Here's his official response.

    It's not unlike what I wrote in that post.

    I may have written here that if the election is really about change, then Trump can march down 5th Avenue with a gun randomly shooting people.  If you want change, your only chance is to take Trump.

    His message from here on out has to be that.  

    Hillary represents the corruption and two-facedness that is official Washington.  The latest WikiLeaks emails show this in all too stark contrast.  In her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs and in her email exchanges with longtime confidante and fixer, John Podesta, we get an insider's look at what Hillary Clinton is all about.

    She's a one-world Globalist, just like Barack Obama and the rest of the Progressives.  She wants open borders (bad), open trade (that's not so bad), and the dissolution of the things that make the United States the United States.

    She's willing to let global bankers, like Goldman Sachs, do their bidding, as long as it serves her globalist intentions.

    This folks is crony-capitalism writ large, and Fascism by another name.

    Just know what you're getting into.

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