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    Saturday, October 22, 2016

    I Voted Today

    On the whole, the election comes down to two pretty despicable people. I know that Hillary Clinton, by her deeds is not qualified to be president.  Do I really need to list them?
    Her demeanor, as has been revealed in numerous books and articles over the years, and confirmed in the Wikileaks emails, confirms that she is entirely unsuited to be YOUR president, let alone mine.
    She is ruled out.
    The choice becomes Trump, or a protest of some kind, and while I have toyed with the protest, ultimately, this is a binary system, and you hold your nose and take the lesser of two evils, from a "person" perspective.

    I am helped along in this decision by a couple of things:
    1. I know that The Left, after settling on a candidate, through thick and thin, would do whatever is necessary to win the election.  If they couldn't outright replace the candidate, they would obfuscate, lie, use the media, go on the attack against their opponent, make up stories out of whole cloth, just to win.  They do not play fair.  The people who could turn Mitt Romney into a man who literally gives people cancer, just don't give a crap about "the rules."

      It's time we did the same thing, and a vote for Trump serves to tell The Left - "Go Screw Yourselves, we're done being your patsies."
    2. The GOP and particularly, the #nevertrump crowd needs to hear a message that some on the right are sick and tired of The Left playing by their set of rules, while we try to play by rules of fairness.  We're talking about the future of the country, which albeit will survive either one, but actual progress for our causes (at the national level, I agree) will be set back a generation by a Hillary victory.
    3. Enough of Trumpism intersects with my conservative/libertarian leanings to recognize that he is much closer to me than Hillary.  My agenda has a far better chance of moving forward under President Trump, than President Hillary.
    4. With Trump, I am not assured of conservative judges, but I am assured of Liberal ones with Hillary.  Another 4 years packing the federal bench with ideologue leftists will seriously set us back years.  I won't live to see the correction.

    I respect #nevertrumpers and their desire to retain some sense of moral clarity, but, let's not kid ourselves, politics is a dirty business, and that means it attracts people we might not consider pure of heart, or pure of ideology.
    You may choose, and in choosing, consider the stakes and I think Victor Davis Hanson sums this up in his article for NR. I have listened to both sides, and ultimately, logic requires that I side with VDH and Peter Robinson and Larry Kudlow, not with Jonah Goldberg, Erick Erickson, and Bill Kristol, though I respect their choices to remain above Trumpism.
    For me, the choice is really between Trump and Hillary, and that makes the choice for Trump the only logical one.

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