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    Sunday, November 16, 2008

    Bo calls out the GW nutjobs!

    My buddy, Bothenook, posts today on the GISS's latest attempts at global warming subterfuge, and how they got caught, then attempted to perpetuate their lie, to sell their agenda.

    In Bo's post, he doesn't claim to know the "exact truth" behind these people's agenda, but I think he doesn't give himself enough credit. His "educated guesses" are right on, and these people will stop at nothing until they hold absolute power.

    In a related note - for global warming skeptics (or at least those who seriously doubt man's contribution to this), I have started a little link list to my previous blog posts on global warming. I'll probably add links to interesting GW articles and the like as well, so if you have one, send it on and you can always come back here to find them! I promise!

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