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    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    These people are stars

    In a linked report from Drudge, we are to believe that these people are "stars" and being considered for Obama's cabinet:
    1. John Kerry for State - Ugh! This is the worst. Send this guy to Turkmenistan, please, not DOS. The place is f'd up; enough without this insufferable idiot at the helm.
    2. Powell for DoD - Now we know what Powell got promised for his endorsement. I hate to break it to Powell-lovers, but I think this is a boon to Service Chiefs and big war thinkers. Plus, to the Left, what cred does the guy who made the WMD sale to the UN have?
    3. Kennedy for UN Ambassador - ok, whatever, she should fit in over there.
    4. RF Kennedy for EPA - this is certainly not a moderate choice. This is actually about the worst, an environmental whacko nut job Chavez supporter pounding US corporations for 4 years.
    5. Emanuel for COS - as long as his target is Reid/Pelosi, it's ok. Otherwise, a talented partisan hack.

    Not shaping up too good so far. Lots of Wahington insiders on this list.

    Do not

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