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    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Obama voters. Ugh!!!!!!!

    With a h/t to Gateway Pundit, you must watch this, the best argument for poll taxes ever made. I am sorry folks, but I am sick of my well informed vote having to contend with these uninformed (though I am sure they are not stupid) people.

    It'll make you cry (and, if it doesn't, it's because you voted for Obama, and you are happy we're a nation of ignoramouses).

    For more, visit How Obama Got Elected, and stay tuned for the documentary.



    reddog said...

    Everyone should be encouraged to vote. Immediately afterward, all voters should receive a pigfoot, a bottle of beer and a nice, cold, slice of watermelon.

    ConnectingTheDots said...

    A related issue is Obama’s membership in Generation Jones (between the Boomers and Generation X). I’ve seen numerous very credible experts emphatically insist that Obama is part of GenJones; if Obama’s generational identity is of interest to you, click this link…it goes to a page filled with lots of articles and videos of famous people discussing Obama’s identity as a GenJoneser, and the many implications of this for his Presidency: http://www.generationjones.com/2008election.html

    Anonymous said...

    In my view, before every presidential election all voters should have to pass the same U.S. citizenship test currently required of legal immigrants.

    While all those interviewed could probably pass such a test and still vote for the same candidate, they would take responsibilities that go with the privelege of voting more seriously.

    People appearing in this video should be ashamed of their pitiful ignorance.

    Sandy Salt said...

    It is truly sad. It is people like this that elect the pretty people that have zero substance to high office because you know that they also voted straight ticket or didn't bother to finish voting. The good news is that if you wake up and realize this fact then you don't put non pretty people up for office and you win. You have to give the dumb masses a warm fuzzy to get their vote regardless of the platform and you win. Welcome to politics today.