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    Saturday, November 8, 2008

    Football break

    Ok, a while back I boldly predicted that Georgia Tech would whip UNC's ass, and that created a little stir among the family members who all attended the leftist University (admittedly, some of them before it became a bastion of left-wing thought - see, I can even make a football post political!).

    Today, UNC took its revenge on Tech with a 28-7 smackdown. Despite Tech outgaining Carolina by 100 yards, 3 turnovers, and Josh Nesbitt's bum ankle did the good guys in. Regardless of what you think about the ACC, former Navy coach Paul Johnson has done a fantastic job at Tech, with 7 wins and bowl eligibility. If Tech can beat Miami at home, 8 wins will beat Chan Gailey's 6 year average in CPJ's first season. 9 would mean a victory over Georgia, which would make Johnson a god in Tech fans' eyes.

    Elsewhere in college football today, Penn State returned to earth and gave the pollsters all the reason they need to dump them from their top 10 lists. Alabama survived at LSU, and UGA squeaked past Kentucky (ugh!).

    In the ACC, FSU survived Clemson, VT whipped Maryland (Thursday) and Wake smacked UVA. Jimmy Clausen is proving why he sucks as Notre Dame is getting whipped by BC. While Florida and Alabama have settled the SEC championship game, the ACC still belongs to anybody. Funny thing is, in this crazy season, we could see a Virginia Tech/FSU championship game (VT controls their own destiny, FSU needs a Wake Forest loss and to win out). The more things change...


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